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Using web browser extensions to better your web application testing

Hi, I am Holden. AKA: K33NTester. In this video, I will be sharing three useful browser extensions/add-ons that are compatible with Google Chrome and Firefox. The extensions mentioned in this video are TruePath, Bug Magnet, and CSS Viewer.


TruePath dynamically generates relative XPath on right-click on the web page and displays all the XPath as menu items. Truepath can generate XPath using text value and can create XPath in iFrame or Frames. It also shows the iFrame and iFrame URL so that the user can quickly identify that from which iFrame or Frame the XPath is generated. TruePath also supports the Page Object XPath format or @FindBy. TruePath can also be used with Selenium Page Object locater or Serenity Page Object locater. With DevTool supports, users can easily customize the generated XPath.

It groups the XPath based on:

  • Id, href and src
  • Class, name, title
  • Or Index.

Download :

Learn more about TruePath

Bug Magnet

Bug Magnet provides convenient access to common boundaries and edge cases for exploratory testing. Right-click context menu to help with exploratory testing. It adds common problematic values and edge cases to the context menu (right-click) for editable elements, so you can keep them handy and access them easily during exploratory testing sessions. -It provided convenient access to common boundaries and edge cases for exploratory testing and can be extended easily with your own config files. Bug Magnet works on input fields, text areas, content editable DIVs. It also works on multi-frame pages, but only if they are from the same domain. Tiny overhead per page (1k), no 3rd party library dependencies, completely passive, so it does not interfere with your web app execution in any way. Bug Magnet is also opensource and customizable.


CSS Viewer

CSSViewer is another extension available for Google Chrome and Firefox. It is a simple open-source CSS properties viewer.


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