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Anything and everything related to Automation.

Community Powered Test Automation

TestProject simplifies and enhances the use of leading open source tools Selenium & Appium. It is driven by a community of passionate developers that create and share addons for Mobile, Web and API testing.

TestProject is available for FREE !


Recording Studio

TestProject’s in-browser recorder provides you a complete set of tools for Web and Mobile test automation.

Standard yet Powerful

TestProject simplifies and enhances the use of the leading open source tools Selenium & Appium, so you can easily create and run automated tests on various browsers and mobile devices of your choice.


Team & Management

Share your tests, reports, addons and other components that will help your teammates to create better tests in less time.


There are two Plans for… One that is free forever, and another that is Professional. If you Request a free Invite, you can receive a Professional Version today!

About TestProject

Starting today, you can stay updated with news and latest trends, researches and best practice magazine articles on JavaScript, Selenium, Appium, unit testing, API, mobile testing etc.

Powered by the leading software testing community experts across the globe, you will discover  authentic opinions, tips and tricks by hands-on experienced professionals.

Get familiar with new tools and methods with our simple step by step tutorials, get inspired by interviews with top leading companies around the globe sharing their own views on test automation and how it made them successful.


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Wow! A Year has passed already!

Being this is my very first Blog post, I plan on keeping it short and sweet.

On May 26th of 2017 marked my one year of working as a Software Testing Consultant. I have learned more over the past year then I would have ever thought possible! The amount of skills I have learned and grown in this short time span has been very rewarding. From learning the fundamentals of software testing using Black Box Software Testing course site, to reading and teaching myself Java programming language using Alan Richardson’s Java For Testers book and learning about and how to use Selenium/Webdriver in testing. It has been an incredible year so far and I am looking forward to continue pushing myself to learn keep up with(if not always ahead) of the latest Tech trends, new tools, skills, and techniques.

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